"You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger."
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When did the boys get the time to do concept photos when they just finished a 3-day solo concert!??! Also I can’t handle V with his purple hair. UGH. I don’t need this I need to sleep. 

My Lovely Girl. Congratulations show, you just made me hate Se Na too. WTF is wrong with you show. What happened to the goal driven Se Na!? You just made her so pathetic I can’t even. NO. Like please. Can we just really stop making female leads have their lives revolve according to whether the male lead loves them back or not. If the male lead doesn’t love them back you make them useless. PLEASE. AS IF.

On a lighter note are we not going to talk about how Rain looked with his hair down. Yes I will just gif it. Heh.


“uh oh” i whispered as i began to ship it

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            Park Shin Hye attending LUCKY CHOUETTE 2015 S/S Collection.

Park Shin Hye x T.O.P. [MILLET]
Domino's PIzza CF - NG cut
Pretty much


Gonna reblog everything overochiever posts

Hihihi~ ^_^ Thank you!! <3 To what do I owe this honor?!

Anonymous asked: Hey, I was just wondering where you watch we got married?


Hi Anon! The RAW copy of the episodes comes out the same day it airs so I download that and watch it first there. But you can watch the english sub on kshowonline. I think they update tuesday or wednesday. ^_^


Hope this helps! ^_^

reblogging myself to add these youtube links because they post faster english subs:





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That gifset took so long that while I was adding the captions I had to google if I typed ‘either’ correctly because I lost my sanity already. LOL XD.

Cinderella SoEun and the Cheesy Prince (lol that headbutt)
"I’m afraid another prince will take you" Jaerim please~ haha! XD



Kim woo bin for GIORDANO