So JiSub for Instyle Korea

Write a promissory note. We didn’t eat noodles yet.

In other news, just discovered how to video record your desktop using VLC.

This changes everything.

Maybe I’ll be able to post gifs if I stop watching youtube videos. I watch youtube to look for stuff to gif. But I end up just watching things and no gif making being done. Yeah.

Hello~ ^_^

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T.O.P - Tazza 2

Happy Birthday to our Golden Maknae!!! Baby Bangtan Jungkook!! Saeng-il Chughayae~



to my ladies, can I get a what, what

Ost: “Take me to church” - Hozier

Myungsoo is the first one to find out about Young Do’s extracurricular activities, when he uncovers a pair of black boots from under Young Do’s bed. They are far too small for his best friend’s feet and the cut of them are distinctly feminine.

He holds them up and lets out a low whistle. “Choi Young Do,” he says admiringly. “You’ve been keeping secrets from me.”

He wonders who the mysterious woman is, as he’s never seen Young Do with anyone. As far as he knows, the only females Young Do keeps company with is a small list - his mother, his housekeeper, and his accountant. Occasionally, he’d have lunch with Rachel, but she was firmly involved with Hyo Shin sunbae, unless something drastically had shifted in the past two months. He hadn’t heard anything to that effect - and there was little gossip that slipped his notice.

It had to be someone completely new. But who was worth keeping secrets from him?

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Hi!! I’m working on something important in the next two weeks (wish me luck!) and also bday coming up so possibly not much gif making will be done. But I’m still going to post stuff… like tonight. Haha!

How are you? It’s back to school again I see? I can feel it in the posts. Hahaha~ Goodluck to all the students!! Don’t get too distracted by tumblr. Remember to study first. Heh~ ^__^


*texts back 3 weeks later* sorry I fell asleep

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Cnblue - Radio