*imagines Kang Ha Neul singing, “Put you in the backseat” from JYJ’s single

*starts smiling like an idiot*

*realizes children are around*

*dials back to an appropriate level*

"Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering."
— Nicole Krauss, The History of Love (via myownliteraryself)
BTS Counting Down to August Comeback, to Release First Full Album Since Debut


The countdown has begun for BTS’ comeback! The date is set for August 6, their first comeback trailer release, and the seconds are ticking away on BTS’ official website! The group’s album release date is set for August 20, their first full album release coming a full year and two months after their debut.

Big Hit Entertainmentsaid, “This will be the group’s first comeback in six months, since…

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95 line on the runway ft. j-hope and suga

so much fabulous

sehun didn’t want to do bbuing bbuing
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There might be a possibility that JYJ won’t be performing in music shows yeah? And what did we really expect from a song titled back seat!?! And since I can’t fully understand korean the effect may not be as upsetting but I can understand that it upsets a lot of korean fans.

I’m going to say that MAYBE it’s not really about that but yeah well the title IS back seat so… haha! I do hope they perform on music shows though. I’m just happy they’re back. Because it’s military duty after all the promotions.

//EDIT: apparently they’re really not allowed to perform in music shows anyways. I was not paying attention during the dbsk thing. thanks to yourmomentofkpop!

i hereby decree that #asdfjklaskdjlaskdjlasdj is an appropriate hashtag for basically anything. :))))) hehe!

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