The Three Musketeers‘ Lee Jin WookJung YonghwaYang Dong Geun & Jung Have In in Vogue Korea’s August ‘14 issue

JYJ ‘BACK SEAT’ M/V teaser 140722

gd’s video message response to haru because she once asked tablo if she could buy gd

[Dance Practice] SISTAR(씨스타) Touch my body 안무연습

a sum up of bts american hustle life 1st teaser. ‘-‘

"You know how much I want them to bang? I want them to bang like the discovery of hands and opposable thumbs. You’re this organism and suddenly you realize on the end of this floppy limb are little tentacles that are little conductors of senses and pleasure and touching is amazing, oh god, so amazing, why hasn’t anyone told you this before. Eyebrow skimming, collar rumpling, fingertip grazing, the sweaty small of your back touching kind of earth shattering realness that requires the camera to look discreetly off into the distance because the human eye can’t handle the level of heat that is you and your intended.
That’s how much I want them to bang. From the beginning of time and the discovery of sensation."
— me, completing my unofficial trifecta/thesis on banging (via andtheyfightcrime)
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So many good shows this season!! I’ve resolved to just watching Trot Lovers and High School King but damn the feels of both just hits the right creys. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY SELF! :)))))))


[140720] Japan Fan Meeting | Tokyo